A Peck of People Pictures

Would you believe it took me an hour to come up with that title? Impressive, yes? I just may have a future in writing for Time Magazine or some other prestigious publication! But for now, I will stick to this humble little space on the worldwide web. 😉

Those that know me know that I am an introvert. I have a pretty small circle of people that I feel completely at ease with. I am not what they call, “a people person”. That being said, I see an abundance of beauty in humanity, be they strangers or loved ones. And because I like to capture beauty, I like to photograph people.

I am shy about asking people if I can photograph them, sometimes even people I know, depending on the level of relationship. When photographing people, I slowly raise up my camera and wait to see how they respond. Usually, I can tell when they are fine with it. I don’t photograph strangers that often, but there are situations where I can’t pass it up, so I just go for it. It’s really a rush for me to jump outside my comfort zone and do that, and I am always glad I did. I’ve gotten some great pictures as a result. Sometimes, I just directly ask. I haven’t gotten a “no” yet.

The majority of my pictures are those of people I know, but I am so freaking happy to have the ones that I taken of other people. They are in my albums alongside pictures of my loved ones. Here’s hoping I can step outside of my comfort zone and set aside my fears more often so that I can capture more beauty to share. My hope is that my photos humanize people and show how lucky we are to live on this planet with each other.

The pictures below are of people I know and love and complete strangers. Some are posed, some are candid, and some are photos of people in performance. One thing that ties it all together….they are all people who are part of our beautiful human family.